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This site is dedicated to the furniture families of North America.

Furniture is not a commodity, and will not be bought and sold as one until it is as fashionable as Paris and as practical as a porch light. Use this site to discover the beauty and stability of a well-furnished home.

What You Should Know About Buying Furniture

One of the most important aspects of furniture is the size and weight of the product. For as long as furniture has been sold, the method has remained the same. It is carefully displayed and delivered by a team of a drivers and helpers to the buyers home. Furniture showrooms are large, expensive and only the firmly dedicated individual is able to sustain a successful furniture business in the long run.

Twice a year, the entire furniture industry meets in High Point, North Carolina, and decides what new and existing styles will continue to be displayed in the showrooms throughout America.

A company's commitment to offer furniture to the public is also their commitment to service and deliver that furniture to each satisfied customer.

Over the years, many attempts to operate outside the boundaries of the system have had only marginal success, and even the most isolated factories have maintained their furniture showrooms for the consumer to utilize as workshops in designing new interior and exterior accommodations. Many 800 number and catalog companies have filed for bankruptcy, leaving disgruntled buyers in their wake.

We believe you will find the companies represented here to be the finest home furnishings dealers in the world. Rest assured that your purchase will be the focus of their organization as you continue to enjoy the home you are building.

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