Special Needs and Cleaning Supplies

Everyone keeps cleaning supplies for their home, laundry and cars, and band aids and other first aid for accidents. You may want to think about doing the same for your furniture. Keep these supplies all together so that when you need something you can find it right away. You never know when an accident will happen. For general cleaning, keep a supply of Murphy's Oil Soap or other wood oil cleaner, and sponges and clean soft cloths. Undershirts and cloth diapers work very well, and are also ideal for waxing and buffing. Soft brushes and cotton swabs are handy for carved areas and other hard to reach places. Neutral, non alkaline soap, naphtha and a stiff brush work well for cleaning upholstery. First aid for minor scratches and knicks in wood furniture includes sandpaper, steel wool, and crayons or wood filler. The crayons can camouflage small scratches, and sandpaper and steel wool can "erase" them. To clean upholstery keep some neutral soap, naphtha and clean brushes and sponges. First aid for upholstery includes carbon tetrachloride and cleaning fluid. Always store carbon tetrachloride or cleaning fluid in a safe place away from children and pets. Some common household products also work well on furniture. Hand cleaner, vinegar and toothpaste are great for removing white water rings, and hand cleaner is also excellent for cleaning hardware. Check your cleaning supplies often, and replace old, or outdated products so that you can keep your furniture looking good, and so that you can be prepared for unforseen accidents.

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