How To Dust

When dusting furniture, remember, that what you put on your furniture can do just as much harm as what you fail to remove. The best method for dusting is a clean, dry cloth. Don't break out that old rag you've been using for the last month. Chances are it contains dirt and dust from the previous weeks dusting, and you're just spreading the dust and dirt that you removed last week back on again. Also, try to avoid oily sprays, since they leave a residue on the surface which just continues to attract more dirt and grime. Some sprays contain chemicals which react with the finish and do more harm than good. Instead, try using a damp clean cloth, or one sprayed with Endust or other dusting sprays that contain lemon oil. Always spray the dusting spray on the cloth, not directly on the furniture. Don't just dust the tops of tables, be sure to get the legs, and sides and all the nooks and crannies. Use a soft brush or cotton swabs if necessary. Pay special attention to joints. If dust is allowed to build up in the joints, it can eventually cause them to separate. And remember, chair arms and bedposts are notorious for accumulating fingerprints. Just a few hours a week spent dusting can help keep fine furniture beautiful for years.

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