How To Prepare Furniture For A Move

One of the most nervewracking parts of moving into a new home is hoping your furniture will arrive in the same condition as when it left. Whether you hire a professional mover or do it yourself, there are some important safeguards you can take to ensure that your furniture will be protected. If you hire a professional, ask them how they prepare furniture for a move, and what precautions they take with it while in transit. Do they take special care with antiques and valuables? A knowledgeable professional will be happy to answer your questions. If not, look elsewhere.

Antiques, or furniture that is to be shipped to another country should always be crated. Case pieces should be secured to the crate by screws in the backs of the posts, and items such as mirrors need to be removed and packed seperately. If the furniture is to be moved by truck, make sure doors and drawers are secure and will not open during transit. Remove castors from legs and wrap in newspapers or bubble wrap, and pack seperately. Always remove mirrors to keep them from breaking. Wrap them in blankets or bubble wrap covered with a thick sheet of cardboard, secure with masking tape, and place in a large, flat packing box. Make sure all furniture is completely padded with blankets or professional moving pads. Wrap each piece completely, making sure corners and edges are protected, and secure with rope or tape. If you use tape, attach it to the padding, and not to the furniture itself, since the adhesive in the tape can ruin the finish. Pad knobs and other projecting pieces, or remove and pack seperately. Remove loose cusions and pillows from chairs and sofas and wrap in plastic bags. These can be used as pads between furniture in the truck or moving van to prevent pieces from rubbing against one another. If possible, remove the legs from furniture to prevent them from being broken. Just be sure to put all of the bolts and screws in a plastic bag, and either tape it to the bottom of the piece or pack in a small box that is clearly marked. To preotect legs that cannot be removed, wrap them with blankets or padding, and then wrap the piece itself. Wrap sofas in plastic or blankets and stand them on end to reduce the chance of the legs being broken, or heavier objects being placed on them. Wrap bedframes with blankets or bubble wrap, and secured with tape or rope. Alway lift furniture from the truck or van when you arrive at you new home. If you slide it off the truck you run the risk of putting stress on the legs of tables and chairs and causing damage. With a few precautions, some blankets and rope, you can ensure that your valuable home furnishings will make the move stress free!

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