When To Dust

Dusting sounds like a simple enough thing to do, but it is so important in maintaining the beauty of wood furniture. When dust accumulates on furniture it collects dirt and grease from the surrounding environment of your home and yard. Everyday activities like cooking send minute particles of grease and oil into the air. Small grains of dirt become airborne and come in from the yard and on clothes. And the biggest culprit of all, fingerprints, leave deposits of body oil and salt on everything you touch. The oil from the fingerprints attracts dust, and as the dust accumulates it attract more dirt and grime like a magnet. As the dirt and grime build up, they begin to eat away at the finish. If the damage becomes severe enough, the furniture may need to be refinished. So, save yourself a lot of time and trouble by dusting regularly. Don't wait until you can see it ! Try to dust every day if possible, but at the very least, dust once a week to protect the finish on your furniture.

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