Why Repair

You hear a strange noise coming from the engine of your car. Do you ignore it and hope it will go away? Of course not! You find out what is causing the problem and have it repaired. The same holds true for furniture. Furniture is an investment, and if properly maintained and repaired can last a lifetime. Minor repairs can become major repairs if they are ignored long enough.

Small accidents to furniture such as burns and scratches can be repaired in less than an hour, but if left untreated, they become larger and larger until finally the piece has to be completely refinished. This process can take from several days to a week. A table or chair leg that wobbles may be able to be fixed by simply tightening a couple of screws, but a leg that breaks can cause major damage, not to mention injury to the person who is using it. Hinges on doors can break away and take part of the frame with them, but checking periodically for loose screws can prevent the problem from ever happening. Inspect your furniture regularly and check for loose screws and bolts. If legs on tables, chairs and sofas become unstable, check to see what's causing it. Repair minor scratches and dents before they ruin the finish on your furniture. Remember, it takes a lot less time and money to fix minor problems as they happen, than it does to wait until the entire piece begins to fall apart or needs to be completely restored.

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