Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to some commonly asked questions about, how to signup, and common problems.

If you have further questions or have a question you would like added to this FAQ, please e-mail our Webmaster at


What is is an online yellow pages for furniture retailers with websites. Getting a free listing with us allows site visitors to be linked to your website, possibly initiating a furniture sale. A listing is an inexpensive way to market your website, and an effective way to compete with e-tailers like and is also a vast online encyclopedia on the many aspects of furniture. Clients looking to purchase furniture can get valuable style and care information before they buy. An educated customer is a better customer!

How do I sign my store(s) up?

Signing up is actually a two-step process. First, you create a account with us. This is to save common company information so you won't have to re-enter it when you list your individual stores with us. To create an account, click on the gray Register button on the homepage. Fill in and submit the form to register your account. Please note that a valid e-mail account is required to signup, as login information will be sent to that address.

After signing up, you will be taken to a login screen with your information already filled in. Submit the form and the next page you see will be the Add A Store page. To list one of your store locations, fill out the lengthy store description form, and submit the form. In about a week, your store will be listed with us, and potential customers will be linked to your website from ours.

After you add your first store, you will be taken to the account and store manager page. Following the links on this page will allow you to make changes to your account and your stores, as well as add additional stores to our database.

What are the requirements?

There are two requirements for in order to signup, you must have an e-mail address for customers to inquire about sales, and an actual retail location. A Website for potential customers to visit is also highly recommended. If you do not have a Website, you can contract us to create one for you. Please e-mail the Webmaster for more details.

Does the listing cost anything?

No. Not at all. The listing is absolutely 100% free. We do offer optional Web design services for a fee, which is completely separate from the listing. If you see text on the site stating that the listings are not free, please disregard it, and e-mail the Webmaster, so it can be removed.

I can't login!

Did you signup for an account? If not, please see How Do I Sign My Store Up located above. If you did signup for the account, you were sent an e-mail, and the login information is contained therein. If you cannot find the e-mail, please drop the Webmaster a line, and he will reset your password so you can login.

I think I signed up, but I can't add a store!

Can you login with your account that you were given upon signing up? If not, please see I can't login, located above. If you have your login information, click the gray Login button on the homepage. Enter your login information, and submit the form. The next page that appears after you login is the account and store manager page. To add a store, click the Add A Store link, which will be in bold letters. Fill out and submit the lengthy form, and your store will be added in about a week!

I need more help!

The Webmaster is the person to reach for questions, comments, difficulties, and gripes. His name is Brad, and he can be reached by e-mail at or at (800) 447-5477.

My store does not appear when I perform a search!

Have you waited a week for your listing to take effect? The Webmaster needs to individually verify each store entry for syntax, and a week is required to ensure that your listing shows up in the searches. Also, the system undergoes regular updates and changes, so if you encounter an error, please try the search again the following business day.